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Every Moment is a Memory
                                                 while wearing a


"...Sophisticated, Trendy and the Winningest new move forward (in fashion) sense Ralph Lauren's fat ties!    If Sinatra were alive today, he'd be rock'n a STERLING-SCOTT Tie!"

The Value of Owning a STERLING-SCOTT 

The Man that wears a STERLING-SCOTT  is compelled to exude an air of status and prestige. Your choice to adorn such an uniquely bold, classy and cutting edge men’s apparel, produces a sustainable character boost that results in an aphrodisiac to one’s self-confidence.


Although we are accustomed to seeing the influential, famous, successful and leaders of men wearing similarly priced neckwear; sadly such exclusive ties tend to mimic the traditional drab of the common style(s) found in the discount bin at your local box store.

Additionally, most exclusive ties ordinarily rely on a combination of a quality suit, as well as, an equally expensive pair of footwear in the hopes of providing the desired distinguished look that justifies the price.  As where a STERLING-SCOTT is a stand-alone focal point of any man’s ensemble; be it from the Red Carpet glam, to the Board Room suit, to the Car Lot slacks or a night out on the town in boot’s and jeans.  Regardless of which setting you choose to display your purchase, let it be known that you will have the upper hand because:

 “a STERLING-SCOTT Tie impales the attention of every set of eyes,

resulting in an inquisitive envy, that grants the Owner an elevated 

edge over the bearer of a common store bought garb.”


The price point of a STERLING-SCOTT isn't only justified due to it’s fine choice of materials, or because of the well-known and respected founder’s name. But most importantly it is due to the care and dedication that is required to get to the end product which results in a complex and time consuming manufacturing process that in turn, assures you of a handmade and numbered, one of a kind possession that is guaranteed to set the bar, as being...




In the end, there are two types of men. Those who strive for success, and those who coast along passionless. Thus, the ones who coast, buy and wear whatever polyester monstrosity is on sale, and those who make life their domain, only wear the best, and must own a STERLING-SCOTT!


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