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September 11th 2017- September 17th 2017

1: Download the image provided for this contest, then place a contrasting DOT of either a bright "BRENNA BLUE, SPANK'n NEON PINK, SCREAM'n SCARLET RED, or SUBMISSIVE WHITE" on the location of each STERLING-SCOTT logo; in the following manner.


2: Clearly TYPE the number of STERLING-SCOTT logo's that you have found on the image in the black area ABOVE the image, as provided by a downloadable image below.

3: Clearly TYPE,  YOUR NAME, CELL NUMBER and EMAIL address on the image in the black area provided ABOVE the image.

4: You agree to be a subscriber to the "" site (via your entry) to be eligible.

5: You MUST BE a current "Follower" of STERLING-SCOTT on Instagram

6: You MUST BE a current "Friend" of STERLING-SCOTT's by "Likeing" Our official Facebook page

7: Your entry image must be in the format of either a JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, or PDF  & can NOT accede 1 megabyte in image size.

8: Entries will only be accepted through email at ""

9: Deadline for this contest is September 16th, 2017 at 11:59pm (23:59hrs) PST

10: In the event that more then one entry correctly identifies the correct number of STERLING-SCOTT logos and meets all of the conditions/rules of this contest then a process of chance elimination will be applied via the flipping of a coin, and will repeat until a single entry remains as the Victor!

11: ALL CONTESTANTS agree to the "General Contest Rules" located on the site to be eligible to win.

12: The VICTOR/WINNER will receive a Black Label STERLING-SCOTT and paired Frame & Curtain (pocket) sqX, chosen and created by the Designer himself!

13: Winner(s) must pay any/all shipping and handling as laid out in the General Contest Rules

14: STERLING-SCOTT will do it's best to ship the VICTOR/WINNER his/her booty within 30days of one's TRIUMPH!

15: Below are results for PAST  STERLING-SCOTT "Logo Challenges".

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