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The Red Carpet Standard in a STERLING-SCOTT Tie is not bottled for only the Jetsetters.  Hence, each intentionally hand crafted "one off" has been designed to cascade a renewed standard of fashion that will weather each tier that life throughs at you!


Thus, granting the Owner of each  


the sophistication of Regalness that illuminates from the self empowerment garnered from each tie creation; regardless of One's station in life!



Here's your first look at one of the World's most expensive Ties!  Priced at $2,500.oo!!!


Fashioned with over 3,000 individual stitches, this Hand Made creation is constructed from ""EXTINCT"" Brocaded French Silk, made within the walls of the Castle at Versailles, backed by hand made Italian Sheer Silk, with an electric pattern of eye catching Paisley, over a sea of Snow White Crushed Imported Satin, capped with an End Spear of 100% Metallic Japanese Satin,


Complemented with the accompanied hand stitching of both the Production No# and attachment of the 


double "black" label!

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