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Do you dream?...  The dawn breaks through the husky blue haze, and all of today awaits on only one thing... YOU!  To dream, is easy... to seek, challenging.. to obtain, hard.  So having an edge and standing out, with exclusivity, class and fun via this iridescent Husky Blue, Olive Green, New Mexico Turquoise, Hunter Green and Garnet Red success striped silk, backed by yet another amazing "find" of this truly psychedelic Silk reminiscent of an early Peter Max painting,  capped with the 2016 Husky Graduate signature tip of brilliantly exuberant, and deep turquoise/teal imported Satin, embroidered in a Victorious 17th century Spanish pattern that binds the whole class together, might make this STERLING-SCOTT a pretty good investment in YOU.. and Your Dream(s)!


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