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This personally created, and hand sewn STERLING-SCOTT and Hand Stitched BLACK Label Tie, is a creative inception, via the Designer's "hands-on" design, fabric selection and individually attachment of the personalized I.D. to it's unseen yoke, to this "OOOOH MY GOD", HOW F**K'n AMAZING IS THIS TIE!!?!" tie... Well, We can't say enough about how Down Right "DISCO KOOL"(the Designer's words, btw) this AIR LIGHT, Silk on Silk STERLING-SCOTT Tie is!!!!; with it's shimmering crusted Georgette Silk Velvet Golden Autumn leaves on an elegant sheer black background body/knot, that seems to float over the Golden Amber satin lining which is all embodied by an Uber soft Silk Amber and Midnight Black square design incasing checker board squares of Snow White, and Midnight Black, capped with an End Spear of 100% Metallic Gold and Cocaine White Lined Japanese Satin, when worn in any of the many Scott-Knot ways, makes for a Million Dollar outing, Day or Night, ANYWHERE on the Planet or any near by orbi


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