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You're tootling up Rodéo Drive, passing FENDI, LOUIS VUITTON and VALENTINO, as the exclusive and well dressed (men) strut in Tom Ford tailored suits, while the assumption of success blurs together.  But then.. you notice, all eyes are on YOU!... As, the language of exclusivity trumps their store bought garbs, and commands respect via your choice to own this STERLING-SCOTT creation of a Clay Red Fern design etched into a canvas of reflective Dusty Gold, backed by a shimmering Gold Satin, sprinkled with Deep Chocolate Dots worthy of Godiva themselves, capped with a Japaneese Satin bursting with an array of late evening hues worthy of any California Sunset, makes this limited STERLING-SCOTT a wealthy Man!


$165.00 Regular Price
$59.99Sale Price
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