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WOW.. Just, plain.. WOW!  This all Silk Black & White "Red Carpet Standard" STERLING-SCOTT summon visions of Hollywood's Golden Years on Premier Night!  Imagine it... big search lights crisscrossing the night sky, as scores of vintage round fender black limousines line Hollywood Boulevard, illuminated by the blinding white flashes of spent paparazzi flashbulbs, as all celebrate your arrival on the Red Carpet, and shower you with countless praises for the center piece of your ensemble in this ultra soft Black Silk jacquard tastefully adorned with Silvery White floral and vine artistry framed with classic turn of the century sconces, backed by a double layer of sheer elegant Midnight Black and Disney White animate floral, capped with an honorable portion of Crimson Red Silk; makes this STERLING-SCOTT the true Star in this Flicker.


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