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This STERLING-SCOTT Skinny is 1 of 5 in the limited Bonanza Collection.  Inspired by the character Hoss Cartwright, this limited work of Gentleman's neckwear begins with a body of solid bronze jacquard Silk adorned with an appearance of hand seared wild flowers that exudes nothing short of sheer gentle masculinity onto it's Owner, backed by a crimped mulberry Satin that grants it's Owner all access to any speakeasy, gin joint or v.i.p. only front row-center stage attention, and capped with a pinch of perfection in the super soft Apricot Silk adorned with symmetrical silk embroideries of Miner's Gold, Powder White and Faded Garnet Silk, makes this limited run of an exclusive 5 STERLING-SCOTT Skinny's a Man's Man Must!


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