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There's nothing wrong with the 70's... when in the hands of the Designer, that is!  This "Red Carpet Standard" STERLING-SCOTT Creation began with the Designer seeking that "THING"...that would become the canvas to which each Owner(s) express His/Her own inner Disco-ness, by catching the Designer's eye in a small shop down a narrow alley in the heart of the Fashion district downtown Los Angeles.  Said "canvas" began with the Far Out Fashion Cat Satin striped with Dreamy Yellow, Brick House Brown, Moon Landing Blue and Groovy Gold, framed with Panther Black and Boogie White, backed by the psychedelic Dream Catchers of oblong Silk prisms of Walnut Brown, Tangerine Orange, Daffodil Yellow, Apple Green, and Butterscotch Tan, capped with a Kodak Bronze Satin tip, puts the "FUNK" in this Funky Fashion Portrait that is a STERLING-SCOTT Owner!

the FUNK

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