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The drums beat, slow and low at first with the thought of wearing this STERLING-SCOTT... boom,...booM..., then as you open your STERLING-SCOTT box, the pounding grows in your chest...boOM....bOOM..., the countryside Green, with stories of generations and the pride of the Emerald Isle rises up ..BOOM...BOOM... it's louder now as you hold this STERLING-SCOTT in your hands....BOOOM..BOOOM... The rhythmic beat of pride you feel is match only by adornment of this magical moonless night mat-black silk, embroidered with Blimey green blossoms, encasing treasures of polished gold, protected by thistles of pure Irish bronze, backed by an amazingly soft matching night black silk, calico'd with a print of charmed white moon ovals of light and spotted bronze, enhances the cap maiden ginger silk;  makes this STERLING-SCOTT a gem of any wardrobe.


$265.00 Regular Price
$190.00Sale Price
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