ABOUT this Black Label STERLING-SCOTT Tie entitled "CIRCUS": This flowing pool of imported Royal Purple satin pools on the body like a rippling body of high Rocky Mountain lake, and is fit for ONLY the highest of Regaled Owner's! Paired with a transparent BIG TOP Circus satin of cotton candy pink, creams-sickle orange, powder sugar white, and grape gumball purple, which grants it's Owner glimpses into the hidden field of flowers, found inside of all STERLING-SCOTT Ties. Capped w/ high grade satin, Grants the bearer of this STERLING-SCOTT Creation the versatile choice of REGAL or FUN UNDER THE BIG TOP! Far OUT.. Right!?!?!


  • No returns! This isn't Walmart! In an age of "Wear and Return", with the big box stores, isn't in our wheelhouse!  Each STERLING-SCOTT is personally inspected before, during and after your STERLING-SCOTT is created, for any imperfections to insure the VERY BEST.  Also, due to the FACT that each STERLING-SCOTT is equivalent to an original piece of Hand Crafted Art; once out of it's custom box, it's YOURS!  And, as far as cleaning instructions, we highly suggest that you both use your best judgement and consult your local & qualified dry clearer(s) for the appropriate cleaning measure(s).