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#1344  The Designer, created this affluent Silk Plaid STERLING-SCOTT, as an exuberant homage to a fellow Fashion Visionary, His HIGHNESS of MEN's WEAR, Mr. Ralph Lauren! This creation is damp with a lavish pallet of Ralph Lauren Green, Ripe Cranberry, Pistachio Mint Green, Polished Spritzer Pearl, squared with stripes of Speedway Black, Reflective New England White, Redwood Red and Adobe Beige, backed by atop a Nouveau Japanese Art Deco Charmeuse straight from the architectural pages of 1930's Art Deco designs, with it's clever Virgin Pink, Sandstone Beige and Alizarin Red paisley, seamlessly intergraded with gracefully sharp shapes and lines of Midnight Black, Cocaine White and Melted Butterscotch Yellow, capped with a Corporate Steel Grey divoted polished Satin: makes for Honored Filled "Tip of the Hat" Ode, from the Designer and Owner(s) of this purely elegant STERLING-SCOTT to His Highness, and Fashion Icon, Mr. Ralph Lauren.

Dear RALPH LAUREN (blk label)

$365.00 Regular Price
$244.55Sale Price
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