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DRAPIERY la' IVOIRE was/is 3 of 6 STERLING-SCOTT styles commissioned and specifically designed for Sir Elton John; during 2017's Oscars.  Challenged to maintain a strict "black & white" pallet in keeping with a traditional "Black Tie" event, the Designer brought a creative vision rarely seen in neckwear to the table with this parchment white silk body, ornamented with an embroiderey of Laurel Leaf design, backed with daisy and coconut white pinstripe silk that (in the right light) allows One to see the hidden underlined bouquet of flower, and capped with garnet red silk that is enriched with a sprinkling of polished iridescent scarlet red divots; gives reason to stand tall and out in any room with this STERLING-SCOTT creation.


SKU: #1829
$450.00 Regular Price
$99.99Sale Price
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