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"Yah Mon"... ya' con hear de' Calypso Steel Drums ring'on out da' rhythmic soothings of "Margaritaville" in da' cool tropical breeze as you dawn on your flowing linen pants, matching cotton button down and evening dinner jacket, in preparation to adorn this sleek white satin STERLING-SCOTT brimming with a "Tommy Bahama" inspired celebration of techno colored tropics, that exudes pure casual class. While effortlessly translating into the centerpiece of an adjacent evening, saddled up at the Baccarat table sporting the Rustic Gold Raw Silk body of your STERLING-SCOTT framed by your dark Armani; thus, earning the envious praise of all in eye shot as you scoop in the chips....  Con' Yah' see it Mon'!?!

the YAH MON' (BLK Label)

SKU: #1832
$345.00 Regular Price
$276.00Sale Price
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