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You are stealth among glass and steal. A shadow draped in mystery and class. An adventure camouflaged in the primal fashion superiority of this STERLING-SCOTT. Surveying your realm, you choose to subjugate those in your domain via your will to summon cutting edge fashion. Your ability to adapt from structured days in an office, to prowling nights commanding both chance & the commonly dressed (around you) to obey your bidding. Thus mastering both jeopardy and jubilee in this STERLING-SCOTT of elegant pastels of candy pink, butterscotch yellow, sugar white and coconut brown Silk, backed by a cloak of territorial white tribal ovals that corral sporadic daps of Carmel dots, atop a plain of moonless Panther Black Silk, capped with a Silk of Weathered Bronze, makes this STERLING-SCOTT the crowning centerpiece of benediction concerning those devoted to style.


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