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This STERLING-SCOTT is the 3rd in this series of 5 found in the Designer's latest limited collection of Skinny's entitled the "Bonanza Collection".  Inspired by the flamboyancy of Little Joe Cartrwight's conspicuous agreeability, and full of life amusement translated into the creation of this STERLING-SCOTT; beginning with a solid body of preciousplayfully Silk, embroidered with Flowers of Spring Time Green, Evening Eloquence Lavender, Thistle White atop a base of Warm Chestnut Brown, backed by a rarely utilized bold and iridescent hue of Puce Green, and capped with an enchanting Royal Purple Silk, embroidered with delicate design of Green Leaf and Stem supporting a artistic bundle of blooming Prince Purple, cotton candy pink and hot lips pink flower(s), makes 1 of these 5 STERLING-SCOTT Skinny a fashion whore's shankable moment to Own!


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