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This personally created, and hand sewn STERLING-SCOTT and Hand Stitched BLACK Label Tie, is a creative inception, via the Designer's "hands-on" design, fabric selection and individually attachment of the personalized I.D. to it's unseen yoke, to this Exquisite and Boldly Ornately Silk embroidered  Blooms of Metallic Sunrise Gold, Metallic Irish Green, Metallic Olive Tree Green and  Metallic Earthy Brass, atop a flat mat of Midnight Black Silk, accompanied by a Salvaged/Vintage Silk body of equally beautiful Sunrise Gold with pin-striping of weathered Gold and Orange, with a hit of November Day Grey, capped by thick helping of Foggy Irish Teal Satin, makes this STERLING-SCOTT tie impress the true MOGUL and MIGHT of it's Owner!


$220.00 Regular Price
$165.00Sale Price
  • This is a 2014 created STERLING-SCOTT and measure the orignial 60" (appoxly) in length. 

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