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This Personally Created, and Hand Sewn STERLING-SCOTT and Hand Stitched BLACK Label Tie, concludes is creative inception, via the final two steps of both Hand Stitching the color coded label to the spear, and the hand sewing of each STERLING-SCOTT TIe's personalized I.D. to it's unseen yoke, of this FUN, FUN, FUN and more FUN...and Sophisticated Crimson imported Satin, that captures the eye when topped by the FUN Burgundy Maroon Pok'a Dotted White poly-satin underside, that when utilizing the "Scott Knot" technique tops the FUN-O-METER, that will have you mak'n extra MooooLa' by repeating..... " I, BET YOU CAN'T KEEP FROM SMILING WHEN YOU LOOK AT MY STERLING-SCOTT TIE!!" .


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