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the RED PANDA-FLAGE 2 is a 1 of 1 STERLING-SCOTT creation, that follows the 1 of 1 commissioned and specifically designed for Sir Elton John; during 2017's Oscars.  Challenged to maintain a strict "black & white" pallet in keeping with a traditional "Black Tie" event, the Designer once again stepped up and D-E-E-LIVERS BIG TIME; via this ultra light all Silk STERLING-SCOTT. With a obsidian black silk body adorned with a printed pattern of salt white Globe Thistle and Blooming Clover, backed by an artistic abstract of chiffon white and onyx black silk accented with flames of iridescent pearl, and tipped with a deep reflective Garnet Red Jacquard Cotton with embroidered Sandy Floria as a true salute to the occasion!


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