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With the new year upon us, the Designer has mastered a perfect balance between Refine Revelry & Pure Jubilee, in this single (1 of ONLY 5) STERLING-SCOTT creation!  Starting with a body of sure "Refine Reverly" and elegance in the striped pastels of candy pink, butterscotch yellow, sugar white and coconut brown Silk, paired with a Jubilant backing of rare Satin, featuring matching pastels in 1940's Art Deco style, and brilliantly capped with the MOST rare and überly aristocratic fabric's in STERLING-SCOTT's vault! The highly sought after (and extinct) "Palace of Versailles" silk! Hand loomed, in the (Castle) Palace of Versailles; this psychedelic silk comprises a prehistoric pallet of Sangria Red, Vulcan Green, Aegean Blue surrounding a base of Olive Gold camouflage, beset with an artistic floral embroidering of metallic Rose Gold and Pink Quartz Silk, will give cause for You to absolutely JUBILANT with REFINED REVELRY in this (YOUR) Hand Crafted, Black Label, Red Carpet Standard......STERLING-SCOTT!


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