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This Personally Created, and Hand Sewn STERLING-SCOTT (BLACK LABEL) Tie, concludes is creative inception, via the final two steps of both Hand Stitching the color coded label to the spear, and the hand sewing of each STERLING-SCOTT TIe's personalized I.D. to it's unseen yoke, of the reflectiveness of the Deliciously Rich Heart of Deep Red Rose Satin Knot which invokes hypnotic flood of amazement when atop a solid body of polished Harvard Crimson Red poly-satin, tipped with a Art Deco embroidered Earth Toned Satin, which is Stunning creation makes any and all occasions feel like a Red Carpet Event!


$110.00 Regular Price
$84.99Sale Price
  • This is a 2014 created STERLING-SCOTT and measure the orignial 60" (appoxly) in length. 

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