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Welcome to STERLING-SCOTT's American Couture Waistcoat(s) "Seeker" Class.


Each of these custom handcrafted waistcoats shall be intentionally forged as sleek lightweight statements of elegance, and head turning class that is drawn from what inspires You, the Owner! Additionally, each accent of this handcrafted “Seeker" Class waistcoat will be visually illustrated via dual externally adorned pockets, as well as, the tasteful embellishments paired in the lapels that intentionally enables the Owner an added versatility of several fashionable looks, not commonly found in opposing apparel. Atop of your artistically chosen power clash back fabric, each STERLING-SCOTT waistcoat, regardless of “class” will incorporate the Designer’s patent pending “manlash” design, which ensures that each Owner will benefit from a couture fitting regardless of his/hers varying physique!


Additionally, STERLING-SCOTT will utilize a healthy measure of pure American ingenuity; mined from the rhythm of simplicity to include a hidden internal self-securing pocket to store your card sized documents (drivers license, credit cards ect), as well as, a modest amount of currency for emergencies!


Refusing to stop there, STERLING-SCOTT innovated an "inter-looping" headset system that eliminates the vexing aggravation of the "bud popping" issues that have (until now) been the source of an incalculable amount of anxiety via the disruption of productive activities for the past 30 years!


So.. as you know the Designer has committed to creating ONLY 33 "charter" STERLING-SCOTT Waistcoats, and as such, these 33 documented Owners will garner not only legendary status as “Fashion Pioneers” in the archives of STERLING-SCOTT’s hallowed halls alone. But, will be assured witnesses as to the increasing value of these 33 individual custom handcrafted works of art.


  • Let this serve as an agreement between STERLING-SCOTT and the Buyer/Owner.

    • The Designer can/will not begin creating this commission until he receives all requested measurements.
    • The Designer can/will not begin creating this commission until he receives all requested "Inspirational" images numbering between 6-12 in all.  
    • Upgrades: The price set at $1,250.oo is based on a percentage of material/fabric cost (per yard) to labor and expenses engaged in the creation of this item. In the case that the Buyer/Owner desires upgrades in fabric, additional funds maybe required for the completion of this commissioned garment. Designer will “NOT” upgrade, charge or invoice the Buyer/Owner any additional cost for said “upgrade(s)” without a written approval from Buyer/Owner prior to the Designer/STERLING-SCOTT added expenses.
    • Also, let it be understood that in the case that Buyer/Owner desires said upgrade(s) and submits the necessary written approval, no additional fabric will be obtained until STERLING-SCOTT is paid in full prior to said expenses/upgrade.
    • Completion of this commission STERLING-SCOTT Waistcoat, is between 2-6weeks.
    • Additional funds may be needed for shipping. Average S&H within the U.S.A., is $27.oo. Outside of the continental U.S.A., S&H varies. (NOTE: S&H for STERLING-SCOTT Waistcoats "IS NOT $6.95!!")
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