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Linen & Silk! LINEN.... ANNND... SILK!! Who does that?!? (lol)  Who takes two opposing high quality fabrics, and conjures up an article of fashion that not only meets the "Red Carpet Standard" but embodies both class and strength that One has come to expect in a STERLING-SCOTT!  It begins with a New Millennial Tartan featuring stripes of Alizarin Crimson, Coral and Cerise Red, atop London Fog White, backed by a Iridescent Weathered Gold Cross' pattern, and Aged Copper Silk and capped with a matching Metallic Copper Satin spear head. All of which, masterfully designed to impel the eye of All in the room with the visual aire of Asute Confidence lined with a subconscious seductiveness that only STERLING-SCOTT can offer!


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