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This STERLING-SCOTT was commissioned for the Academy Award Winning Director Martin Scorsese, to commensurate the premiere of his life long passion project "Silence"!  Rising to the challenge, the Designer absorbed the theme and location of this feature film in to his creative process. He began, with the visual solituade of the Jesuit's (outer) dark and solom Cassock's in the  relem of Pitch and Raven Blacks, tinted with shadows of Soot Brown, and anointed with the occasional Caramel ordination gave way to the marriage of past and present in the all Silk body of this STERLING-SCOTT!  Then, the question... How to convey the sheer beauty and iconography that is the Isle of Japan?  Immediately, the Designer was drawn to the majestic symbol beauty of blossoming Cherry Tree, with it's Blushing Ballet Slipper, Crepe and Flamingo Pinks, pollinated with the Rouge of Taffy and Fuscia of spring as the sheer Silk in the pairing of this commission for Mr. Scorsese! You don't have to be a Monk to see the sinful beauty of this STERLING-SCOTT.


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