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In an attempt to quench a late night lust to create, emerged two swaddlings of reserved fabrics, retrieved exclusivly from the Designer's own personal cache; deep within the secure vault at STERLING-SCOTT!  Inspired by a backdropped of twinkling hoilday lights this

STERLING-SCOTT's body of 100% Vermont Blue Flannel is not only seasonalbly soft, but festively adorned a celebration of blooming tantalizing Teal, corral Red, tuscan Yellow, lilac Purple, lace White, and dolphine Grey Flowers, backed with hand made Italian Sheer Silk, with an electric pattern of eye catching Paisley, over a sea of Snow White Crushed Imported Satin, capped with an End Spear of 100%, capped with a bold and exclusive Silk pallet of Amaranth, Vermilion and Cerise Red, Moss, Mint and Fern Green, atop of a Fawn Tope, makes this Super Limited 1of3 STERLING-SCOTT, a rare gift to one's self; or to one you respect!

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