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Welcome to STERLING-SCOTT's American Couture Waistcoat "SWAGGER" class.


Each of these custom handcrafted waistcoat(s) are creatively originated from the very inspiration provided by you, the Owner! Sourcing the world's finest and most unique fabrics, will insure a healthy "swagger" in your walk, which to the world will perpetually appear as a "strut", as you exude a millennial courtliness of pure posh! Prepare yourself for instant celebrity, while others hail you as a sovereign purveyor of fashion forwardness unto not only yourself, but those within eyeshot! In other words

                                           "YOU da' SHIZT NIZZEL PIMP DADDY!"


In addition to all of the “sleek” and “elegance” of the “Seeker” class STERLING-SCOTT , this waistcoat incorporates an additional external pocket created specifically with your cell phone in mind, which includes both a non-metallic slip cinch, but also features the Designer’s patent pending kickass “rip-cinch” internal cell phone ejection system! Also included in this “Swagger” Class waistcoat, are a number of intentionally obvious decorative hand saddle stitching and accents that enhance the obvious couture nature of your 1 of 1 commissioned STERLING-SCOTT Waistcoat!


  • Let this serve as an agreement between STERLING-SCOTT and the Buyer/Owner.

    • The Designer can/will not begin creating this commission until he receives all requested measurements.
    • The Designer can/will not begin creating this commission until he receives all requested "Inspirational" images numbering between 6-12 in all.  
    • Upgrades: The price set at $1,850.oo is based on a percentage of material/fabric cost (per yard) to labor and expenses engaged in the creation of this item. In the case that the Buyer/Owner desires upgrades in fabric, additional funds maybe required for the completion of this commissioned garment. Designer will “NOT” upgrade, charge or invoice the Buyer/Owner any additional cost for said “upgrade(s)” without a written approval from Buyer/Owner prior to the Designer/STERLING-SCOTT added expenses.
    • Also, let it be understood that in the case that Buyer/Owner desires said upgrade(s) and submits the necessary written approval, no additional fabric will be obtained until STERLING-SCOTT is paid in full prior to said expenses/upgrade.
    • Completion of this commission STERLING-SCOTT Waistcoat, is between 2-6weeks.
    • Additional funds may be needed for shipping. Average S&H within the U.S.A., is $27.oo. Outside of the continental U.S.A., S&H varies. (NOTE: S&H for STERLING-SCOTT Waistcoats "IS NOT $6.95!!")
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