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Be it strolling down Manhattan's 5th Avenue in Your best Tom Ford suit, or struting down 5th Street in Middle America, rock'n your torn Levi's, You WILL BE the object of both Respect, and ... (yes..) ENVY, in this, Your (1of ONLY 5 in the World) STERLING-SCOTT "5th Avenue" Tie!  Solely hand crafted from a body of the finest Imported Koala Bear Gray Silk (that is) elegantly adorned with an etched Gold vine and leaf design, backed by an exquisitely paired Satin of Trombone Gold, garnished with a print of symmetrical placed Hickory Brown polka dots, and capped with the MOST rare and überly aristocratic fabric's in STERLING-SCOTT's vault! The highly sought after (and extinct) "Palace of Versailles" silk! Hand loomed, in the (Castle) Palace of Versailles; this psychedelic silk comprises a prehistoric pallet of Sangria Red, Vulcan Green, Aegean Blue surrounding a base of Olive Gold camouflage, beset with an artistic floral embroidering of metallic Rose Gold and Pink Quartz Silkk, that will drawl all those in Your midst to ogle in amazement, whilst YOU bask in the warmth of envious admeration in Your Hand Crafted, Black Label, Red Carpet Standard, "5th AVENUE",  STERLING-SCOTT!

the 5th AVENUE

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