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Every Man has a day and night side, and some... a select few, have a third side... dusk!  It's for those "select" few complex creature(s), as Yourself, that this exclusively limited (1 of ONLY 5) STERLING-SCOTT creation, was conceived! It is to this Owner, that the Designer presents this tool to aide in accentuating the true "mastery of personality" when brandishing this aristocratically iridescent Rusty Gold Silk body, etched with a Victorian and Mullberry bush Brick Red design, backed by an equally elegant satin print of African Leopard Brown, paired effortlessly with Macaroon Tan and Moca paisley, accented with strokes of Well Water Blue and Early Sun Yellow, and capped with the MOST rare and überly aristocratic fabric's in STERLING-SCOTT's vault! The highly sought after (and extinct) "Palace of Versailles" silk! Hand loomed, in the (Castle) Palace of Versailles; this psychedelic silk comprises a prehistoric pallet of Sangria Red, Vulcan Green, Aegean Blue surrounding a base of Olive Gold camouflage, beset with an artistic floral embroidering of metallic Rose Gold and Pink Quartz Silk, that will give cause to the Dusk inside of You to ROAR, an Aristocracia ROOOOAR, for you are MAN, in Your Hand Crafted, Black Label, Red Carpet Standard, STERLING-SCOTT!


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