This Personally Created, and Hand Sewn STERLING-SCOTT (BLACK LABEL) Tie, is a creative inception, via the final two steps of both Hand Stitching the color coded label to the spear, and the hand sewing of each STERLING-SCOTT TIe's personalized I.D. to it's unseen yoke, of this Power Driven/Eye Catching and Respected Imported Rusty Brick Red/Reflective Copper Metallic ribbed poly-satin, atop it's equal in 100% Metallic Japanese  Ribbed Gold Satin and tipped with 100% Chiffon imprinted with the "Isle of France's" flag sake a Pattern atop the solid background of  Olive & Toffee , makes the statement you want in a room of those you want to make a statement to with  STERLING-SCOTT creation!