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No Man wants to be saddled with a yoke... yes?!?  And, to most, a store bought tie, by days end feels like a "yoke"... wouldn't you agree?!?  But, yet.. each man has a visceral yearn to "peacock" in a his own way... amen?!?  Thus, to quench a choice few(s) artistic yearnings,  STERLING-SCOTT has authored this purposely light & yoke free fashion ELIXIR! Said solution can be Yours via this rare and exclusive (1of ONLY 5) panacea of the finest October Orange Silk, garnished with a decking pattern of Crow Black heptagrams incasing classic minute checkerboards, backed with Conquistador themed satin of Rich Umber Brown and Juniper Green, intertwined with a traditional Knight's chevron and vine design, capped with the MOST rare and überly aristocratic fabric's in STERLING-SCOTT's vault! The highly sought after (and extinct) "Palace of Versailles" silk! Hand loomed, in the (Castle) Palace of Versailles; this psychedelic silk comprises a prehistoric pallet of Sangria Red, Vulcan Green, Aegean Blue surrounding a base of Olive Gold camouflage, beset with an artistic floral embroidering of metallic Rose Gold and Pink Quartz Silk, so LIGHT.. that you will never feel yoked again in this Your, Hand Crafted, Black Label, Red Carpet Standard, "ELIXIR", STERLING-SCOTT!


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