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Like the long grass on a distant prairie swaying to the song of the wind comes "the NOTE"! The final STERLING-SCOTT in the Huskies line created for the Choir with the intent to INSPIRE, with it's Iridescent Crocodile Green Silk Body, backed by Pablo Picasso-esque cubism "notes" on a timeline of Rich Pine, Deep Phthalo and Soft Seafoam Green, Bubble Gum Pink, Husky Teal, Midnight Black and Mint Cream White Silk, capped with the 2016 Husky Graduate signature tip of brilliantly exuberant, and deep turquoise/teal imported Satin, embroidered in a Victorious 17th century Spanish pattern that strikes the perfect "NOTE" in this STERLING-SCOTT, that will SING, as the center piece of any Owner's ensemble!

the NOTE

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