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WOOOOOOW!  Right?!  The Designer surly did it this time, in bringing you this MOST AMAZING STERLING-SCOTT Creation, under the Green Label via this stunning polished Dusty Ivory Brocaded Silky Satin, artistically ornamented with two-toned Gold bamboo shoots and Neon Flamingo Pink palms, atop a matching misty blush of Ivory Pink Silk, sets the canvas for this most Exquisitely rendered Fuchsia and Naomi Pink Orchids, blooming amidst Apple and June Green Leaves, capped with a Weathered Silver, Charm Pink and Calico Green Floral Brocaded Silk... Makes this STERLING-SCOTT Tie the ONLY Tie in the room worth any measure, or note.. day or night!


$200.00 Regular Price
$59.99Sale Price
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