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I am VERY..VERY... excited about this STERLING-SCOTT creation! I have been hesitant to incorporate cotton (fabric) into a STERLING-SCOTT, until now... due to the stellar quality and softness of fabric coupled with the wholesome spring time nature of this vintage weathered Picnic Red and Aged White pattern, atop the truly silky soft cottonwood white Silk adorned with a multitude of brightly colored Butterflies of Cobalt Blue of the Cramer's Blue Morpho, and the Baby Blue of the Cephus Satyr, as well as, the ragged edges of the Teroforma Orange wings of the Comma, which tastefully clashes with the Neon glow of the Papilio Blumei Green Swallotail, along with the artistic interruptions of the breathtaking Purple-Spotted Swallowtail and the fiery Red and glowing Ember Orange of the Schulze's Agrias Butterfly, rounded out with the gentle Yellows of the Fiery Jewel Australian Butterfly, capped with a pure silk tip, makes this STERLING-SCOTT a perfect Fathers Day Gift!


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