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Imagine that first step into a moment in your life that fulfills your desire to be seen and admired.  Is it sitting at the Baccarat table in the Cosmopolitan or the Monte Carlo? Or, planted in complete anticipation while awaiting your new Bride to round the corner? Or maybe, it's all eyes on you, as you pass the line and make your grand entrance into the V.I.P. roped off section of the hottest night club in town? Or.... Is it walking the Red Carpet at the Oscars?!?! Either way, this flowing White satin STERLING-SCOTT, backed by a translucent ivory White Silk adorned with a pattern of charcoal hash-marks, and underlined with a hint of festive interlining that reveals it's self under the "just right" light, and tipped with polished celebration divots atop a deep crimson red silk; makes this "Red Carpet Standard" WHITE STERLING-SCOTT the must have for Sean "Diddy's" next WHITE PARTY!

the WHITE (BLK Label)

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