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This personally created, and hand sewn STERLING-SCOTT and Hand Stitched BLACK Label Tie, is a creative inception, via the Designer's "hands-on" design, fabric selection and individually attachment of the personalized I.D. to it's unseen yoke, of the pure WONDERMENT found in this Ralph Lauren Green Silk embroidered with the the Most-est Playful and Festive Mystical Fuschia, Polished Silver &  Mountain Lake Blue Butterflies magically dancing, atop a "Mink Soft" body of the HIGHEST quality Creme White Silk Exploding in Blooms of Victorian Paisley and Baby Roses, capped by metallic Twilight Lavender Taffeta, brings all in the room closer to the Owner of this STERLING-SCOTT Tie, just to feel the Calming  Joy of this design!


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