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Why You Should Buy A Sterling-Scott Handcrafted Tie

A killer suit and tie combination is an essential look for any man looking to stand out from the crowd. However, choosing the right tie can be tough, especially for guys who aren't self-proclaimed fashionistas or who are simply tired of buying the same old lame ties from the Macys Men's Store. This is where a Sterling-Scott handcrafted tie can literally change your life!

The Sterling-Scott Handcrafted Tie is Born

One day in 2012, while running late to the Burbank Film Festival, S. Scott Connor had a stroke of brilliance and put together the very first of many Sterling Scott handcrafted ties. Calling it the “Scott Knot,” he filed a dual U.S. Patent for his original design and the knotting process itself.

Then, Scott had another unique vision and became the first designer in the world to add a “tip” to his handcrafted ties. Since then, Sterling Scott has created his patented “Medallion” look, his “Piecing” technique, and the world’s first ever “Shielding” technique.

Each of his Sterling Scott's techniques has advanced men's fashion in some way and set a new example for how to pull off handcrafted ties. Celebrities from all over wear and promote Sterling Scott ties, with Scott himself making the list of the ten most stylish dressed people in all of Los Angeles. In fact, these ties have now become red carpet standard.

Patented Styles

One can view a variety of Scott’s famous techniques on our how-to page. Here, they have knots like the Tuck or Atomic knot, the Abundance, Oyster, Boston, and Mantis knot, or even the patented Sterling-Scott Piercing technique. Each of them are stand-out ways to rock your handcrafted ties.

Video for reference

Each of these ties are designed with only the finest of materials. They all go through a complicated and meticulous design process before being sent to customers, and they ensure the product will exceed even your highest standards! Sterling Scott ties are saved for only the best of men who take pride in how they present themselves to the world.

Becoming A Part of the Movement

If and when you decide to be a part of the Sterling-Scott movement, you gain the ability to take part an exclusive first look club, which is a value of $3,000 a year! By joining, you get the following benefits:

  • A way to look at the newest Sterling-Scott handcrafted ties, including but not limited to original pieces, skins, frame & curtain, and more.

  • Access to new media three days before the general public, alongside a look into their private gentlemen's waistcoats.

  • The opportunity to purchase additional Sterling-Scott handcrafted ties at wholesale value, if you so desire.

The club is on a first come, first serve basis, so be sure to join the movement as soon as possible!


They also provide contests with the reward of a Black Label Sterling-Scott tie paired with a Frame & Curtain pocket chosen by Scott himself! Anyone entering these has the chance to win exclusive Sterling-Scott apparel for no money at all!

How can you go much longer without a Sterling Scott red-carpet standard tie? Any man that wears one is seen as bold and cutting-edge - someone we all must know. Each of the handcrafted pieces is unique, and all of them stand out from the crowd. Plus, while these ties are best for the red carpet, they still fit in as boardroom

meeting attire, job interview wear, or even as the finishing piece on your outfit for a night on the town.

Join the Sterling Scott club today!

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