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Once you've chosen to invest in Youself by becoming an Owner of a


you will be enrolled in the exclusive "1st LOOK CLUB" pro gratis!

(value of $3,000 per year)


How it works:

The Designer will share with you the newest STERLING-SCOTT's (original), Skinnys (thin ties),  Frame & Curtain (pocket) sqX' , STERLING-SCOTT's Gentlemen's Waist-Coat(s), as well as, new media 3 days prior to opening said collection/style/content to the general public, via a password protected "1st LOOK CLUB


and enter the password provided via your most recent 


Once inside, You will then have the preferred option of securing additional

STERLING-SCOTT's for your growing collection at


per a limited PRIVILEGE-CODE located on the "1st LOOK CLUB page.

Both the password and the privilege-code expire  72hrs after its issuance. 


Don't fret, tho... fresh password and privilege code(s) will be made available per each new "1st LOOK CLUB " update/email(s).



this is a "1st LOOK CLUB " members ONLY privilege!

 You are allowed to purchase for friends and family, but you ARE NOT ALLOWED to share either the link and/or the limited privilege-code with any non-STERLING-SCOTT Owner.

Anyone violating this caveat will be excluded from the club! 


Also, 1st come, 1st served, once a line/style  is sold out.. it's OUT!  So, get in the habit of opening these updates P.D.Q., so as not to miss out 1st dibs on some stellar 


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